About Project 5 for ALS

Project 5 was founded by a group of dedicated friends and family to follow the vision of their friend Bob Willson. Sadly, Bob lost his battle with ALS on May 17, 2010, but that hasn’t stopped us from continuing his mission and fighting on.Big Bob, as his friends knew him, was a larger than life person.  Always smiling and ready to lend a hand, Bob’s presence always brightened a room.  He has left a lasting mark on the community, which helps explain why so many wonderful people step up each year to keep his dream and legacy alive.

Our Goal:

The overall goal is to raise significant funds and direct the majority to academic and industry for collaborative research. Project 5 for ALS relies on fundraising and support from our corporate, and individual donors. The number one goal of Project is to find a cure for ALS. To save lives by saving time, we will put the investment into the projects that will move therapy to patients.